Lord Horror

Me siento en páginas de un Hellblazer


Antonio Gamboa a.k.a. Lord Horror, better known as Toni.

I am the Prez and I work hard to keep the club in it’s position. My dad gave me my first pencils and I’ve been triying to learn how to draw since then. I always have ten thousand projects in mind, but hardly complete all of them. I’m a straight christian that believes more in hell than in church. Those who know me well know that I love classic horror films, goob books and comics, tattoos, graffiti and of course art. I considere myself a very open-minded person. What I read inspires me, what I listen to too.


I was born in 1984 in Málaga, Spain. But I’ve been living in Madrid since I have 18 years. I have a degree in advertisement and a master degree in creativity, I currently work as Creative Director at Arena Quantum, and I have worked at La Despensa or The Internet Sales Company (beetween some others) as art director and online art director. Many people have asked me why I work for others instead of AW. The answer is that I have spent 7 years styding a carreer and working out AW, The Warriors will always be my priority, but I have to make a living, and working as a creative director I can stay in the right place to keep learning and applying my knowledge to AW, it’s a circle.



This is my and my crew’s web, but you can find me in a lot of places:


Tumblr Pinterest & Fancy if you want to know my daily doses of inspiration

LinkedIn & Behance if you want to know more about my professional experience

Twitter & Facebook if you want to stay tuned

Vimeo & Youtube if you want to see all my vids

Society 6 Etsy & ArtFlakes if you want to buy some goodies

AW Blog & awPhonography if you want to follow my two blogs

Also you can find me at Instagram under the name TheArtWarriors or at KIK: artwarriors



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